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"news every" masterpost

This post is a masterpost for screencaps and videos of episodes of news every posted in this community and will be updated with new episodes and when extra media is added to existing posts.

Please note that any linked community posts that contain download links are locked for members only. Please join the community if you wish to view the entries.

Starting at the end of March 2010, Koyama began his weekly appearances on NTV's "news every" afternoon news program. He currently appears on Wednesdays (originally starting on Thursdays) but may be moved to other days depending on circumstances. During 2011 there were also a number of weeks where he appeared more than once in the week.

Originally he was involved in only two segments during the show,  a talk corner with Dr Kamata Minoru (the author of many inspirational books) and his solo segment, "Kininaru" which focuses on human interest stories.

Since he moved to the Wednesday broadcast, he continues with the "Kininaru" segment but no longer appears with Dr Kamata. Instead he now introduces a new regular "Weekly Price" segment, as well as presenting and reporting on other stories within the broadcast as his role as a newscaster continues to grow.

          ● 28 March, 2010 - Preview of Koyama's new role as a newscaster
screencaps, subtitled

The listings in this post got too long to be contained in one entry, so you'll find the screencaps, summaries, videos etc in the following entries - (the links in these posts are locked when they contain media downloads):

    ●  April – September 2010
    ●  October 2010 – March 2011
    ●  April – September 2011
    ●  October 2011 – March 2012
    ●  April – September 2012
    ●  October 2012 –

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