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[drama] Masterpost

This is the Masterpost for Koyama's drama appearances. It contains details on all his television drama roles and links to community and other internet posts with more information and other links.

This post will be linked in the community sidebar masterpost list and updated as necessary.

The entries here link off to subbed dramas where possible - hard and soft subs. Some entries have raw files as well and only his earliest drama appearance is not subbed.

Please note: The links within this post link to community locked posts due to media content. Please  join the community to view them if you are not a member.

**NOTE**(Jan 21 2012) – posts featuring full dramas currently display links to the recently departed MU. Other entries have MU and alternate links. Given the current internet climate, decisions about these download links are on hold for the immediate future. Thanks

Lucky Seven       Fuji TV – 2012** coming soon **
series cast       as Tokita Kojiro

Guests of Room 0       Fuji TV – 2009drama post
Story 5       as Ooyama Shigeto (ShigeShige)

Loss : Time : Life       Fuji TV – 2008drama post
Story 2       as Tsunami Kota

Yukan Club       NTV – 2007drama post
Episode 6       as Kariho Yuya

Hanayome wa Yakudoshi       TBS – 2006drama post
series cast        as Azuchi Jiro

Kurosagi       TBS – 2006drama post
Episode 2       as Tanabe Satoshi

Ns' Aoi       Fuji TV – 2006drama post
series cast       as Kitazawa Takeshi

Gekidan Engimono Unlucky Days       Fuji TV – 2004     drama post
– Natsume no Mousou       as Sanada

Kanojo ga Shinyjatta       NTV – 2004     drama post
Episode 5       


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