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Shounen Club Premium - Mar 16

Sharing the March episode of Shounen Club Premium.

As with March last year, this episode marks the end of another year of NEWS hosting, and this year the take a trip to Shanghai, meeting fans and tasting plenty of local food, among other things.

As with previous months there are a selection of files in this post - two sizes of the full show as well as two formats for the performance clip. We’re also continuing to use the double cut post separating the screenshots from the download links for those who want minimum spoilers.


Full show — 59:00
♦ 1280*720 — 1.4Gb ♦ MEGA – FULL ♦ Parts – 001 / 002 / 003
♦ 880*496 — 603Mb ♦ MEGA – FULL ♦ Parts – 001 / 002

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