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Koyama Daily

Don't Say No!

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Koyama Zone
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Community dedicated to NEWS Leader Koyama Keiichiro

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This community is dedicated to NEWS Leader Koyama Keiichiro.

Short Profile
小山慶一郎 / Koyama Keiichiro / Kei-chan
Born: 1 May, 1984
Entered Johnny's: 21 January, 2001
Graduated from Meiji University, 2007

Current regular commitments:
メンバー愛 / Member Love - regular updates Monday & Friday

KちゃんNEWS / Kchan NEWS – JOQR 1134 – Tues 24:00 to 24:30

news every – NTV – Wed 16:53 to 19:00
未来シアター / Mirai Theatre – NTV – Fri 23:30 to 23:58 (with Shige)

Get more complete details on his Wikipedia entries: Japanese / English

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Community Rules
★ Everyone is welcome to join
★ All posts must relate to Koyama
★ Show respect at all time for Koyama, NEWS and the members of this community
★ Use lj-cuts for long posts, including large or many pictures. Preview images are okay outside the cut
★ Please lock all posts containing media/downloads
★ Please tag and credit your posts appropriately
★ Please follow the Community Rules

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Community affiliates – koyashigedake / ninkinikki / news_jpop

If you have any queries please contact the mods - koyamamod / inala
Community originally created by luckypurple

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